Indian Oil and Gas Canada

Excellence in managing First Nation oil and gas resources.

Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC) manages and regulates oil and gas resources on designated First Nation lands. We are a special operating agency within Indigenous Services Canada. Our dual mandate is to fulfill the Crown's fiduciary and statutory obligations related to the management of oil and gas resources on First Nation lands and to further First Nation initiatives to manage and control their oil and resources (i.e., governance).

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Annual reports

IOGC's annual reports.


Applicable acts and regulations

Find out which acts and regulations apply on First Nation lands designated for oil and gas.

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Information on our business units, electronic services, application processes, forms, information letters, guidelines, policies and IOGC contacts.


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Liability Reduction Program Support NEW!

Find out more about how we are supporting First Nations and industry in reducing oil and gas liabilities.

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